Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Decisions, decisions. 5 countries vs. Brazil

I always feel so awkward/uncomfortable receiving services from other Asian people.
Like at nail salons or foot spas or even pho restaurants. I can't explain exactly why.
Maybe this is why I haven't really dated any Asians...hahaha. I'm just kidding.
I really don't know why that last part is.

So, I have some really awesome news.
My dad has some pretty extensive travel plans for the next few months & today, my mom suggests I go with him, which leaves some major pros and cons:

Cons: 1) Not having as much autonomy as I would like (That in itself is enough to maybe not go...?) 2) Not having enough money to go to Brazil in February = BIG con! 3) Probably having to forfeit my awesome, prestigious position at Starbucks. (I'm totally kidding.)

Pros: Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Cambodia, China. I KNOW!!!

Ahh, I dunno, i dunno! I love traveling so much I don't know what to do with myself!

On another note, NERD ALERT! I love my Political Violence class. It's all about the phenomena (yes, the phenomena) of terrorism. I'll stop right there cuz I won't stop. And I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love so I can finish it before I go watch the film. ALONE. :)


  1. okay YAY! i think i have this comment posting thing figured out. Have you been to any of the countries your dad is going to? you still have tons of years of travel ahead of you where you can be as autonomous as you want, but if you think travelling with him will be so bad it wont matter what country you go to, then stick to your original plan! you, your boyfriend Brazil, and a cocktail!!!

  2. I do love my sexy ass boyfriend Brasil :) mmmmm