Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saudades, como sempre

I may have to change the mission statement of this blog because Brazil's looking pretty far away.

Financially, yes, it's lookin' quite a mess.
But more importantly, because of some very real adult decisions I'm making.

Without giving too much away, if I had it my way, it'd be SD, Latin America, back to the U.S., back to Latin America for awhile, then finally in the U.S. This is my four-year plan.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on my goal to be fluent in 5 languages by the time I'm 25. I've been slacking a little bit. I'm on 3 and a half; less then 3 years to go!

Where my heart lies (plus Mexico, unfortunately not shown here):
I encountered this awesome wall decor made of plates and rope at a Mexican restaurant in Sao Paulo. Amazing...

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