Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seoul-searchin'-Weekend Edition

I love how many puns can be created with "Seoul."
This weekend, I went to go see my parents in Seoul. They're busy, busy. And popular.
My friend Kory is also here from NorCal and she will be teaching in a city about half an hour away from me. It's been a huge blessing to know that I have a friend from home in Korea.
It was nice being surrounded by so many English speakers. I felt like I was in an expat bar in Europe.
It's also quite interesting to see how Americans differ from Canadians. Haha.

On Sunday, I went to my dad's church yet again, and despite my frustration, I "wrote" this on my iPod:
-It's truly an overwhelming feeling to be reminded of almighty God's love for me. It's that feeling of not only being beautiful in the eyes of someone you love. It's the feeling of being somebody to the only Being who matters. It's the feeling of "Yes! I could seriously die out of complete joy and overflowing love!" It's the love of my mother. The kind of love that is so patient and gracious and understanding that it could only come from a mother. Or the perfect Father. The sort of love that changes your perspective on insecurity, crying babies, and materialism. The kind of love that feels like an enlightening secret; it permeates your entire perspective. It's love whose necessary reaction is sharing it with others. It's the realization that you've just tapped into the world's greatest discovery, the solution to all conflicts and hunger, the cure for aids and cancer!-

I never completely finished my train of thought, but you get the picture.
It's getting cold here in Korea, again. I miss 80 degrees in Carrizalillo.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frustration mixed with optimism

I don't like that I'm starting to eat so fast (at work). There's something wrong there, in my opinion. I feel the need to scarf down my food so I can move on to my next task. See?! Yikes...I just called eating a "task."

I played "Brown Eyed Girl" for my students yesterday and today, and they liked it for the most part.

Thank God for podcasts, ay? (I get to listen to Sunday sermons at Redemption). And technology. Namely, Skype to see many beautiful faces.

I'm making my first real effort to not be a homebody. This cycle of planning lessons, coming home, and watching Korean dramas has to stop. I like Week #1 better when I started my day off with a cup of coffee and my ESV study Bible.

This weekend...Hopefully, I get to see two friends who are also in Korea teaching English. And my dad. Also in Korea.

Off to teach!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UNforgotten God

I pray I will not say or do anything to quench the Holy Spirit. I pray that although the going gets rough, that I will not stop to healthily dedicate myself to my work (because I am only accountable to the Lord).

I pray I will not say or do anything to bring shame to the universal body and more importantly, to the Lord of heaven and earth.

I pray I will find solace in the presence of the Holy Spirit and the fact that He is constantly interceding for me. May homesickness not have its hold over me!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Resson Pranning.



So, my experience so far has been great! So many ups and downs already.
I got sick. My place is tiny and old. And cold. The water never gets hot enough. My sink faucet is about to detach. I’m freezing my butt off.
But, seriously, I have learned to not only appreciate what I have back home, but to appreciate what I have now. Here in Ansan! I really feel like this increases my awareness of the need for God and I believe He is totally answering my prayers that I would grow increasingly dependent on Him and His Holy Spirit to guide me as He sees fit.

I’m lovin’ it. What I’m not lovin is this panza (aka food baby aka ddong bae aka muffin top) that I keep seeing. (See my FB photo food blog.) It’s hard to P90X it up in this tiny studio with my mom here. I don’t wanna accidentally sidekick her during Kenpo.

Oh, man, speaking of Umma. She has been AH-MAZINGGGG. I feel like I’m in first grade again and she’s sending me off to my first day of school. Even she said so! I love how culturally acceptable all of this is.

For those of you who are still reading this, I hope all of you are having amazing things going down/on in your lives. I go into my first lesson tomorrow, and your prayers will greatly help me!

I miss my nephews!!!
And Sebas (you’re in my 1st lesson, haha)
311-Love Song <3

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog #1 from Korea. Well, sort of.

Currently on plane #2 from Narita airport in Tokyo to Korea.

Feelin’ pretty sick to my stomach.
Nothing like the artificial smell of rubber-y beef, turbulence, and this nonstop nausea.
Layovers really are no fun at all.
Just went through two security checks, two airports, two planes, 3 very different movies, at least ten cups of water, and countless bags of honey roasted peanuts.
We’ve endured over 17 hours of this madness.
It’s 1:12am in Los Angeles and 6:15pm in Korea.
My babe is probably asleep. Listening to 311 & thinking of him.
Man, I’m praying that I don’t get sick. I was judging all those Japanese girls with their masks on, but look who might be catching a cold…me!
Right now, I feel like I might puke…and probably feel much better after.
Praying for patience and preemptive healing.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Get carried away by the right Person.

The idiom of the day: (to get) carried away. It means to lose control.
Idioms are a funny thing. They are so frequently used that their novelty and importance are lost.
No one appreciates idioms anymore.

Strangely enough, I equate this to God and last Sunday's sermon at Redemption on Luke 7: 36-50.
For those not familiar with the story, Jesus is invited to this pompous religious guy's house and this poor, dirty prostitute begins to wipe Jesus's feet with her tears and hair, KISSES them, and then pours ointment over them. Tying it back to idioms, I think that (like the religious man) we often use God without knowing it. We use Him to make ourselves feel better, purposeful, advantageous in some way. We use him in this manner so much that His novelty and importance are lost. We lose sight of His gorgeous grace and His unmatchable sovereignty.

I will be the first to confess to this, but in all honesty, all I could think during that sermon was, "I was that woman. Dirty, poor, and sinful." And like her, I aspire to get completely carried away, just utterly lose all control in Christ.

I think of so many of my friends, many of whom will be reading this post. It just hurts to see a generation of young people who can't seem to lift the veil from their eyes. They are absolutely convinced that their next purchase or their relations with that guy and their friends is the reality of their future. Young people are smart, so we know in the back of our minds that there's more to life, but peer pressure and fear to take action prevent them from pursuing their curiosity.

I will end with this. It doesn't really matter whether YOU believe that God exists or not. The simple fact is that He does. I just hope that you can come out of your comfort zones to explore the personality of Jesus Christ, who He was, and what He means to so many people.