Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog #1 from Korea. Well, sort of.

Currently on plane #2 from Narita airport in Tokyo to Korea.

Feelin’ pretty sick to my stomach.
Nothing like the artificial smell of rubber-y beef, turbulence, and this nonstop nausea.
Layovers really are no fun at all.
Just went through two security checks, two airports, two planes, 3 very different movies, at least ten cups of water, and countless bags of honey roasted peanuts.
We’ve endured over 17 hours of this madness.
It’s 1:12am in Los Angeles and 6:15pm in Korea.
My babe is probably asleep. Listening to 311 & thinking of him.
Man, I’m praying that I don’t get sick. I was judging all those Japanese girls with their masks on, but look who might be catching a cold…me!
Right now, I feel like I might puke…and probably feel much better after.
Praying for patience and preemptive healing.

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