Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frustration mixed with optimism

I don't like that I'm starting to eat so fast (at work). There's something wrong there, in my opinion. I feel the need to scarf down my food so I can move on to my next task. See?! Yikes...I just called eating a "task."

I played "Brown Eyed Girl" for my students yesterday and today, and they liked it for the most part.

Thank God for podcasts, ay? (I get to listen to Sunday sermons at Redemption). And technology. Namely, Skype to see many beautiful faces.

I'm making my first real effort to not be a homebody. This cycle of planning lessons, coming home, and watching Korean dramas has to stop. I like Week #1 better when I started my day off with a cup of coffee and my ESV study Bible.

This weekend...Hopefully, I get to see two friends who are also in Korea teaching English. And my dad. Also in Korea.

Off to teach!

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