Monday, February 7, 2011

Get carried away by the right Person.

The idiom of the day: (to get) carried away. It means to lose control.
Idioms are a funny thing. They are so frequently used that their novelty and importance are lost.
No one appreciates idioms anymore.

Strangely enough, I equate this to God and last Sunday's sermon at Redemption on Luke 7: 36-50.
For those not familiar with the story, Jesus is invited to this pompous religious guy's house and this poor, dirty prostitute begins to wipe Jesus's feet with her tears and hair, KISSES them, and then pours ointment over them. Tying it back to idioms, I think that (like the religious man) we often use God without knowing it. We use Him to make ourselves feel better, purposeful, advantageous in some way. We use him in this manner so much that His novelty and importance are lost. We lose sight of His gorgeous grace and His unmatchable sovereignty.

I will be the first to confess to this, but in all honesty, all I could think during that sermon was, "I was that woman. Dirty, poor, and sinful." And like her, I aspire to get completely carried away, just utterly lose all control in Christ.

I think of so many of my friends, many of whom will be reading this post. It just hurts to see a generation of young people who can't seem to lift the veil from their eyes. They are absolutely convinced that their next purchase or their relations with that guy and their friends is the reality of their future. Young people are smart, so we know in the back of our minds that there's more to life, but peer pressure and fear to take action prevent them from pursuing their curiosity.

I will end with this. It doesn't really matter whether YOU believe that God exists or not. The simple fact is that He does. I just hope that you can come out of your comfort zones to explore the personality of Jesus Christ, who He was, and what He means to so many people. 

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