Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seoul-searchin'-Weekend Edition

I love how many puns can be created with "Seoul."
This weekend, I went to go see my parents in Seoul. They're busy, busy. And popular.
My friend Kory is also here from NorCal and she will be teaching in a city about half an hour away from me. It's been a huge blessing to know that I have a friend from home in Korea.
It was nice being surrounded by so many English speakers. I felt like I was in an expat bar in Europe.
It's also quite interesting to see how Americans differ from Canadians. Haha.

On Sunday, I went to my dad's church yet again, and despite my frustration, I "wrote" this on my iPod:
-It's truly an overwhelming feeling to be reminded of almighty God's love for me. It's that feeling of not only being beautiful in the eyes of someone you love. It's the feeling of being somebody to the only Being who matters. It's the feeling of "Yes! I could seriously die out of complete joy and overflowing love!" It's the love of my mother. The kind of love that is so patient and gracious and understanding that it could only come from a mother. Or the perfect Father. The sort of love that changes your perspective on insecurity, crying babies, and materialism. The kind of love that feels like an enlightening secret; it permeates your entire perspective. It's love whose necessary reaction is sharing it with others. It's the realization that you've just tapped into the world's greatest discovery, the solution to all conflicts and hunger, the cure for aids and cancer!-

I never completely finished my train of thought, but you get the picture.
It's getting cold here in Korea, again. I miss 80 degrees in Carrizalillo.

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