Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oo-yoo fancy huh?

I'm pleasantly surprised to find that the number of followers on my blog has entered the double digits. Woo-hoo!

I felt like I had to share with the cyber world that my day today in my real life has been extremely good. Yes, extremely.

The sun came out to play! Yay for 56 degrees as opposed to 30!

I rearranged my furniture last night. My neighbors are probably so annoyed with me for making a lot of noise, but it's not my fault they got me a bedframe that is made of real (HEAVY) wood and fit for a queen. Literally. It's exorbitantly large and princess-like. Basically, it's hideous. Before and after pics of my place to come. Be excited.

The taxi ahjussi (senor) chatted it up with me and told me that my Korean is great. He wasn't sure if I was Korean due to the fact that he heard me speaking English on the phone. Boom baby!

The students in my new adult class pretty much love me. My kids at the hakwon tell the Korean teachers that they think I'm funny. Maybe they meant funny-looking since they think I look like a raccoon. I'm not sure how to respond to that one. Oh, how many things get lost in translation. Raccoons are kind of cute, right? I will just let myself believe they love me, too.

Never mind that my keyboard is feeling sticky right now. I'm on cloud 9.

This tropical granola I bought yesterday from Home Plus (HK Market meets the mall) is delicious! (Thanks, Jordan!) However, (YOU DON'T WANNA MISS THIS), the "Go Calcium" Milk I bought makes my tummy hurt like the milk in the States, while "Seoul Ooyoo" does not. What the heck?! Seoul Ooyoo ("ooyoo" Korean for milk) is so much tastier, too. Slightly sweeter. Mmmm...

Oh yeah! Also, I ordered a long-desired trench coat off of GMarket (Korean version of Amazon) and lo and behold...guess what is sitting on my desk when I get to work this afternoon! My trench coat. Yes, my trench coat. I ordered it less than a week ago! And get this, FREE SHIPPING! Amazon usually takes anywhere between 3 weeks and 50 years to get me my stuff. Yes, I had my trench sent to work. And yes, I kind of felt like Harper when he's told he can't have his dessert until after dinner. My entire shift was the dinner. I got home, and it was just like the picture. Ladies, don't you just love when that happens?

I learned a new Korean slang word today: "bbung!" It means "J/K." A lot K-slang as well as outburst words are really starting to grow on me. "Heol!" (oh crap) "Dae-bak" (awesome) "Ah-i-ssi)" (Aww man OR aww darn)

Two of my classes were conducted in Konglish. I taught one of my classes the word "poop" (hey, they asked) and they sang pop songs to me. What a great day.

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