Thursday, March 10, 2011

Waking up to music

Fresh beginnings. Phil Wickham sings about God the way I feel about Him ("I wanna live, I wanna breathe, to search out Your heart and all of Your mystery.")
I need a second cup of coffee.
A lot of developments to share with you all.
I have been going to Seoul (about 45mins-1hr subway ride) every weekend to see parents, meet friends, wander, etc.
This weekend, I will go up to attend a justice campaign concerning North Korea.

I'd really like to find a group of believers, still.
Last week, I visited a church here in Ansan and was in complete shock. I got on a bus and wasn't sure where to get off, but of course more than half the bus got off. The church is HUGE. 10 stories tall and I have no clue how wide. A row of ATMs outside its doors. Its own section of bicycle racks. It was reminiscent of a mall. Nonetheless, I walked into the English service (conveniently on the 10th floor) and the first worship song was "Hosanna." I felt immediate relief, joy, overwhelming motion, and God's goodness. Oh, how I need to get connected!

Fast forward to yesterday.
I had a troublesome student. I actually have a handful of those, but this kid was really disrespectful.
Without going into too much detail, I'll have to see what's going to happen with him.
Off to work!
Praying for patience, love, and for my buddy Chris to get to Korea ASAP! (He's a really talented teacher!)

Hope everyone is being showered with blessings and continuing to ask those tough questions.

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