Saturday, October 22, 2011

I see God in you.

The last couple of weeks have been some of the most physically, emotionally, and academically-challenging weeks I've had in Korea. Physically, battling sickness and hormonal rage is not easy while simultaneously managing to isolate yourself from those you care about most because you have to study for a four hour-long exam that may determine who gives you the "yes" and who will give me the thumbs down. All week, I've been wishing I had dedicated myself to a few more all-nighters during my undergraduate years. Maybe then, this stupid test wouldn't mean so much. Whatever, it is what it is. Good news is I managed to make health a priority (with the occasional late night Twizzlers) and start my days off with some Psalms. I've really been experiencing firsthand the emotional consequences of a consistent prayer life and reading the Word with actual intent on LISTENING to what the Lord has to say. Times like these, I realize a lot about myself and those around me. It's an amazing thing when you can actually see God in people.

Test day is tomorrow! Next week is my last week of work! Next month is my last in Korea!

Absolutely loving and enjoying fall for the first time in my life:

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